Posted by: Teeif | 4 June, 2008

Kurenai 08: loli-calm before the storm.

Kurenai 08 -  charmKurenai 08 - Murasaki

Kurenai 08
Self Preservation and Cowardice.

In one last slice at life before the end of series climax/anti-climax muddles with domestic life, Ko Matsuo inserts an Japanese traditional family event into Kurenai.

With a couple of professional thugs driving around the apartment, scouting, the finale begins in earnest next episode. Shinkurou goes into hiding when the professionals, like all the thugs in this series so far, couldn’t resist punching Shinkurou on sight and blowing their cover.

It’s November the 15th and Shichi-Go-San draws the residential insane asylum out with Yayoi emoing along behind them. Shichi-Go-San shows Murasaki is coming of age and becomes a turningpoint in Kurenai when Murasaki coveys her wishes to stay with Shinkurou. Search for Saichi-Go-San on flickr, by the way, to get some really, really adorable photos :).

At this point I need to confess my love for the flowery tablecloths, also know as, kimonos. It’s really cool how the Japanese still go out in traditional wear, some older people go out regularly. Imagine how awesome it would be for the British or Americans to regain a love for traditional corsets, waistcoats and tophats?

Renjou Kuhoin, incidentally, looks like a European Aristocrat in comparison to his robed elders. As the all-powerful head of the family and a late introduction into the story, he is crisply setup to be the bad guy.

I think Ko Matsuo is making Kurenai as an art piece, I love it. Yet another episode was broadcast without an opening or ending, as if the theme would detract from the creation. By excluding the opening, he not only omits his own name and the names of his colleagues but also the commercial dictum of sponsors and OST sales.

We end with the caption competition:

Kurenai 08 -  regedit
The computer says ‘no’.

Kurenai 08 - Udders
Err…. the owners of breasts as big as udders tend to be as fat as cows!

~ Teeif


  1. You are mistaken about the OP/ED. They are there on the tv broadcast but BSS is releasing the episodes separately from the OP/ED files, using a feature of the Matrovska format called “ordered chapters”.

  2. […] episode 8 of Kurenai, Murasaki channels Chizuru (last picture). Ah well, it definately explains Chizuru’s continued sucide attempts. Thought […]

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