Posted by: Teeif | 5 June, 2008

Vampire Knight 09: Insert Yuri here.

Vampire Knight 08- Yuuki! Where are you putting your hand!Vampire Knight 08- Kaname is not impressed.

Vampire Knight: The 9th Night
Crimson Glance ~Eyes~

Listen up boys! Because some of you were turning away from Vampire Knight, discounting it as another boring Shojo and cancelling your Horie Yui fanclub membership, you got what you asked for! There is now loligoth yuri imitations in lieu of the bishounen yaoi. Unlike real lesbian couples which contain at least one mangy, hairy bitch to play the masculine role (see Monster), this is two loligoths. Yes, Yuuki is being seduced by a girl, but we know Yuuki is submissive tool with the usefulness of a lead ballon.

I’ve heard bad things about Yuuki’s new playmate, Kurenai Maria (or is that Maria Kurenai?), so I expect some slapper matches. So far, She is a manipulative, scheming little bitch who prances about and sucks up to Kaname – I dunno why, I liked that! S&M I maybe, I guess it’s not just Zero who is dreaming of masochistic vampires of melancholic persuasion…

You could say the OP changes signify a change in the story, the introduction of two new vampires, moving on from Zero emoism. Or that’s what the director, Kiyoko Sayama, pretends to herself anyway. Really they’ve just changed it in desperation to try and get more boys watching. Why picture them kissing (twice) otherwise?

Disclaimer: No, I don’t know if this scene is in the manga but I’ll let it off because Manga = Porn, everyone knows that.

The old OP:

Vampire Knight 08- Old OP tearsVampire Knight 08- Old OP emo

Switched to this:

Vampire Knight 09- New OP sceneVampire Knight 09- New OP kiss

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Not enough Kaname figurines are being sold so we have to put up with rubbish art, hyperactive fangirling and now the phenomenon of levitating Yuuki. Despite it’s flaws, Vampire Knight has style and a narrative which pips Itazura na Kiss as my favourite Shojo this season. Don’t even think I’d consider Special A.

~ Teeif


  1. My favourite shoujo series of the season… I loved it from the get go, such intense drama. Just some added bonuses recently. XD

  2. Now I’ve not seen this anime as of yet but I have to heavily disagree with your statement about one partner of a lesbian couple having to be more masculine. I have friends who are lesbians (I myself am bi) who have noted this as a common stereotype and I would not be attracted to such a person, nor, am I overly masculine either. So, I highly dislike your statement.


  3. I cant find the new op 😦
    its removed

  4. J’ai vu tout les episode et c geniialllllll

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