Posted by: Teeif | 9 June, 2008

Spice and Wolf 07: Wolf in sheep’s clothing

“If I wear something shabby, it’ll hurt my pride!” – Horo (8:36).

Spice and wolf 7 - Horo and LawrenceSpice and wolf 7 - Horo

Spice and Wolf 07
Wolf and Tail of Blessing.

An extra DVD-only episode which was omitted from the original run was quite an unusual thing, but so is a bank raid also quite usual. This time however, the bank is stealing the customer’s money. It was inevitable that this special episode would have absolutely no bearing on the plotline, but this was worse, it was just boring.

This episode was sandwiched between the ending of Chloe’s arc and the beginning of Nora’s. It reveals the time when Horo changes outfit because her old hood and cloak look apparently made her look like a Jedi nun.

Spice and Wolf is two things: Economics and Animal. Not that this time there was much detectable of the former; this one was all about the wolf. If I recall correctly, Horo could carry an episode using her own charm, but this time it didn’t work for me.

Maybe it’s because wolves have since gotten bustier, blonder and more naked. But actually, thinking about it that way, I like Horo’s delicious flattish chest refined personality more and this was the problem. I didn’t find her personality terribly consistent with the rest of the series! Horo is proud, clever yet arrogant. In this episode she was stupid enough to get drawn into embarrassing herself over the apples, acted like a attention whoring brat and a dimwitted Nunce.

I could see the pains that this episode was made to pander towards Horo fans and in doing so they bent her character so much she broke. I just didn’t find her realistic. Then again, as a wolf diety drawn from a Japanese man’s impression of European Paganism – Horo is probably as accurate one of these as we could ever get. I probably wouldn’t find the personality of little gray aliens realistic neither.

It’s not that I actually like or dislike Spice and Wolf, in fact, I quite welcomed another taste. It’s just become a bit sour as this series fades from memory becoming an nice but insignificant drop into the sea of animé.

~ Teeif


  1. I’ve yet to find out a reason for the exclusion of this episode from the broadcast – if it was left out entirely I could understand but to include it in the DVD seems pointless when nothing much happens. Horo really is out of character here and the only thing that we fans of the Horo/Lawrence relationship had to comfort us was a short moment of hand-holding towards the end (which probably would have made more of an impact if it took place in th last ep instead).

    I don’t regret watching it either – moar Horo is always welcome – but I found it to be almost completely forgettable.

    I’m hoping for a second season but like some others (Kabitzin iirc) I agree that a change in director might be in order to liven things up a bit.

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