Posted by: Teeif | 10 June, 2008

4 Koma: I <3 Yandere

Geass Gender bend
Why, what long hair you have… TRAPZ!

Code Geass R2: Koma No.8 –
I ❤ Yandere.

We were just having a nice discussion about Nina’s lesbian tendencies over at The animanachronism and then she turns up in the episode! I have to admit that Nina in a ball gown was Hawt… well until she stopped smiling anyway. Half the time this episode she looked like a cross between Cherie Blair and Michael Jackson. smile_confused

Code Geass 09 - Nina HawtCode Geass 09 - Cherie Blair

But I wasn’t fooled by her new look, I knew it wouldn’t be long before that Meganekko table f**ker would reawaken her violence persona. Nina is a Yanderekko at heart, just like some of my other favourite psychotic anime creations in Kotonoha, Rena and especially Yuuno Gasai. Please, please, please would someone animate Mirai Nikki – that would make me happy! smile_nerd (Are these girls just teasing me?)

Anyway, don’t cross Nina, she’s clever, she’s violent and she’s crazy!

Code Geass 09 - Kallen and Lelouch caught
Code Geass 09 - Yanderu
Code Geass 09 - Yandere (2)
Code Geass 09 - Nice Boat
Nice Boat

This week’s censorship is brought to you by Nice Boat (TM) and Pizza Hut:

Code Geass 09 - Pizza hut

~ Teeif


  1. I thought that ‘berg was cause for an ‘Ice Boat’ comment, but CURSES now I can’t get Cherie Blair crossed with Michael Jackson out of my mind’s eye.

  2. @The Animamachronism: Get thee to a punnery.

    @Teeif: He knows what I’m talking about.

  3. Wait, WTH is Rollo doing in Nina’s flashback? I had assumed that she had left Ashford before the mass Geassing.

  4. Woah, Escaru… plot mistake!

    I laughed so much when the (n)ice boat came up XD

  5. I’d like to say we’re not teasing you, but then again, I haven’t heard anything but rumors about it… hope for it!

    :] Glad you have the hotts for Yuno too. Maybe “hotts” isn’t the right word..

  6. Yay, nice boat ending!

  7. Luru-ko?!
    Laughter to top illustration!
    As for man under the left who? With thinking, you thought a little.

  8. What the hell. Pizza hut?!

  9. Pizza hut

  10. Well PIZZA HUT thats commercializing!! JOKE>> im just curius if lelouch is still alive??

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