Posted by: Teeif | 10 June, 2008

Kurenai 09: No child is safe from Manga!

Kurenai 09 - kissuKurenai 09 - goodbye

Kurenai 09
You and Me

This was terrible! Just disgusting. I am afraid for my fellow Britannians because of the coercive ideas displayed here. Just imagine all the damage these dangerous concepts of pedophilia, incest and femininity will do to our glorious nation?

Let’s take Rolo for example (Name and circumstances have been completely made up to protect the victim), he was a normal, aggressive, smug little boy before he joined the cult of Manga. One night, he sat down with his parents and he said, “Mum, I want to be a faggot and I’m in love with my Brother!” What could possibly turn a child with good potential into such a spineless little s**thole?

The answer? We don’t know, but Manga plays a critical role.

Manga like Kurenai which has a subplot where a powerful family of Elevens, the Kohouins, raises their own girls in secret and then forces them to have babies from the age of 12. From an early age the Kohouins brainwashes their girls, while they are confined in a ‘sanctuary’, to be like nymphets. They are mature, intelligent and they accept their role is to make babies with their brothers. This incestuous practice is used to keep the bloodline pure and because the men like little girls more than women.

This is cowardly behaviour by the family, as expected by the Elevens, but it sets a bad example for our children. Proper families would have declared openly that they fiddle with their own kids. Our glorious Emperor is not afraid to have a relationship with a pre-pubescent boy/girl/god (Animegaarimasu). Our glorious Emperor would not lie down, as the hero did, while a woman beats him up. Our glorious Emperor would not lose his Lolis.

This Manga should not be allowed to spread it’s subversive images unchecked. We should not be encouraging our society to withdraw into a shell and close our minds. We should ban all Manga and defeat the local library forces who seek to defend it (after we defeat Zero, of course).

Knowledge is glorious! Our nation is glorious! All hail Britannia!

~ Teeif


  1. LOL, anyone who finds the kiss in this episode ‘blasphemous’ should be lead to this post immediately XD

  2. Not-so-incidentally, I read the other day that the Daily Mail is the paper that pays its columnists the most, to make up for them having to kill their consciences.

  3. And it’s nonsensical plot is a bad influence on The Order of the Black Knights.

  4. Oh god… lol

    All Hail Britainnia! I do remember the Daily Mail (or maybe the telegraph) writing a pretty one sided depiction on the horrors of manga or something along those lines.

  5. I forgot you were British, oops. Could’ve sworn otherwise.

  6. incest: Kurenai specifically discourages incest fairly

    intensely. Aside from Koi Kaze, I can’t think of another anime

    or manga series that explores it so personally.

    lolicon: Murasaki IS meant to have loli appeal, but if you’re

    thinking of the anime (and not the manga), the fanservice is very

    low. As Murasaki and Shinkurou develop their relationship, she

    often plays out some fairly common child habits. Her crush on

    Shinkurou is similar to the way young girls viciously favor their

    fathers to the extent that they can even hate their mothers out

    of jealousy. A very Freudian view of it, but it’s true,

    nonetheless, so Murasaki can be characterized as childlike rather

    than scandalous.

    And here we are. Read up on the history of lolicon and hentai anime in Japanese pop culture some time. It actually hit hard in response to some anti-porn legislation that horribly censored way more than people could deal with, so when they realized that animated porn could appeal to a lot of people, they started producing it heavily. That, and pubic hair had to be censored, so they just drew teenaged girls without it. It kindof slippery sloped from there.

    I would say that freenet is the biggest perpetrator of child porn and that entire foul industry, not manga. And say what you will about incest, but it’s much more difficult for those who experience it directly than it is for you. It’s also extremely uncommon.

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