Posted by: Teeif | 12 June, 2008

Code Geass R2 09: Boycott the Olympics – protest against the Chinese!

Code Geass 09 - Peado weddingCode Geass 09 - All loli are hostage

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Turn 9.
The Bride of the Forbidden City.

My fellow Britannians! I ask you to join me in boycotting the Chinese Olympics for it’s abuses in human merits.

Again China has ignored Britannia’s requests for improvements in it’s human merits record. Again China have snubbed our mighty nation, citing this ridiculous idea called human rights. I remind you yellow scum! There are no human rights, only human merit; What you get is what you deserve in this world.

The actions of Xing Ke are an intolerable violation against his royal highness Prince Odysseus U Britannia and his rewards. The Prince has the right to compete with the Emperor in his attempt to abuse the most Lolicious character in the show and be crowned Loli King. Yet the Chinese have allowed one their own to deny his right honourable Prince. Xing Ke is now the Ace of hearts in our pack of wanted terrorists, but the Chinese are equally responsible for not defending a forced marriage.

Furthermore, the Ace of Spades, Zero has been allowed kidnap Tian Zi under the noses of the ruling Eunuchs. Although we acknowledge that these yellow bellies literally have no balls, we strongly feel a greater attempt at protecting her royal Loliness should have been made.

This event also reveals the full extent of the fallacies in international etiquette and treaties which shall harden our resolve to ignore all agreements when it suits us, especially the ban on landmines and clusterbombs. We say this because we know that Zero was present at the ball yet all of our honourable Knights and Princes didn’t shoot him because they had to obey international law, or something.

However, the Chinese did nothing! It was their fault that Zero got away!

Because our government refuses to take direct action, we must organise a civil protest, we have to hit them where it hurts, we must reveal their yellow cowardliness, we must never watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic games. We will clasp our ears if we hear it on the radio, will avert our eyes if we see it in the street, we will avoid it at all costs and shame them we shall. That will teach them to open their slitty eyes and see we are righteous!

Down with human rights! Glory for human merit! All hail Britannia!



  1. Oh true, the Chinese didn’t do anything and I just realized

  2. Despite being an ex-Chinese Federation citizen, I must condemn their decision of whoring out Tianzi like that D:<

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