Posted by: Teeif | 12 June, 2008

Kurenai 10: not enough Saki.

Kurenai 09 - splatKurenai 09 - chiiiiiii

Kurenai 10th night
Accustomed Fear.

Deft of any more strange revelations this episode, I hazard a guess that this is the end of them, although Yayoi might still have a chance to admit she’s gay for Benika. This was the R&R episode, the second before last, masquerading as the penultimate one. That means the best part of this 20 minute quagmire, is focused on Shinkuro with only a little bit of Murasaki.

Unfortunately Shinkuro is a big soft dweeb and can’t get Murasaki out of his head. In any other animé where the heroine has a minge, this would be Shinkuro’s enlightenment about love. However I really don’t think that Shinkuro is in love with Murasaki, not in a sexual way, or he is willing to wait. In all the flashbacks, the director omits the most potent one, the scene where Murasaki kisses Shinkuro. Thus demonstrating that Shinkuro’s feelings are more of loss than of heartbreak.

Ultimately, because he is a pedo Shinkuro launches an assault on the Kouhin castle of incest, with Benika and Yayoi as accomplices. Despite being reminded many, many times that this is suicidal, I know they will succeed so this is pretty much a *yawnfest*. Bring back Murasaki quickly, so we can have more slice-of-life with Loli please!

~ Teeif.

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