Posted by: Teeif | 16 June, 2008

Vampire Knight 10: Doubly shocking

Vampire Knight 10 - StudyVampire Knight 10 - fight

Vampire Knight: The 10th Night
Princess of Darkness ~ Prism.

As one of the unwashed ignorant plebs who don’t read the Vampire Knight manga, I confess this week’s package came as a bit of surprise.

Okay, perhaps that description doesn’t do credit to the immense shock… OMG! Zero has a twin brother! OMG! Maria is the pureblood who bite Zero! The twists here were as good as corkscrews on a runaway rollercoaster! I shat brix, twice!

Vampire knight has continued to make some great shojoesque character revelations and infused this into a slightly risque setting. Call me a pleb but honestly, the ample supply of clues laid out during Zero’s dreams just weren’t enough for me. Zero’s subtle hints at not having his entire family killed is blown out to Zero having a surviving adult twin brother. Furthermore, many minutes in flashback mode were used to elaborate that the pair of them were erm… close.

Ichiru is like the weaker feminine half of Zero’s childhood incest YAOI relationship, which gets torn apart by Hiou Shizuka who as a result turns Zero into a emo vampire. Ichiru was taken away to be brainwashed and raised as a bodyguard-toy-boy by Hoiu Shizuka, now Maria Kurenai. Hot wow!

I think in order to celebrate a possible successor to Kaoru x Hikaru cosplay for YAOI fangirls to enjoy, a little updating of a old 4-chan demotivator is needed…


I forgot the classic vampire theme of eternal life could be reworked to give Maria Kurenai a child’s body, or as she deliciously put it, possession of one. The design decision to place a mind with infamous evil into a body of an almost cute doll was underhanded wickedness.

How she got into the academy under a false name is probably a deep plothole, but I’m willing to step around that. Besides, all of Kaname, Zero, the chairman and the Vampire Hunters are aware of her identity. Zero even tries to shoot her, but failed badly due to his rubbish aiming. Not only did he find out he can’t kill his Vampiric master, but he had to walk within Katana range to find out! XP He deserves to get wounded for being so useless. How long Maria gets to play around Cross academy is a mystery to me, but I hope her visit is prolonged.

Next week: Yuki is invited to dance with Kaname but later finds out that Kaname has been blocking her memories – she won’t be pleased when they meet up.

~ Teeif


  1. Teeif, since I can’t spoil, how she got in is because of Kaname and the rules of the vampire world. Let’s see if the anime will explain at it.

    Not really rubbish aiming, more like rubbish mentality and faggotry. Mind you, I don’t mind Zero. Kaname is really a kind of an enigma. The more he does, the more I get annoyed by him. My girlfriend is growing with admiration for him though.

    Strange huh.

  2. Cause Kaname is the sexy dark chara that almost all the girls want methinks… Like Sasuke. OH DEAR. I just compared VK to Naruto. oh god. *repeatedly hits head on wall*

    But personally, I like Zero. :] Unfortunately, the anime for VK has put me off. I’m only going with the manga.

  3. Haha! So funny. Kaname is anything but lazy, he’s the brilliant mastermind out of everyone..Always planning, looking out for Yuuki..

    Come on!

    We could all say Zero is being lazy, but we really dont care cause thats how the story goes..mmhm.

    Some girls [Such as myself-huge fan] LOVE Kaname because ..
    1: He’s freaking SEXY.
    2: He’s smart
    3: He sensual
    4: He has an evil side..Cant resist.
    5: Very loyal..
    6: A sophisticate
    I could go one but thats the main reasons.

    Zero..Well.. I have a difficult time explaining what exactly what he’s made of..
    Sometimes I wish I could slap him..
    Others I smile in admiration.
    I like Zero, but he is little competition against Kaname, for me anyway.

    Kaname FTW! :As for couples, Kaname X Yuki is a given..They make a very interesting couple. She doesn’t deserve him really, for all the crap she gives him..I’de much rather have him for myself. *jealous of Yuki*

    All in all, Kaname FTW! XD

  4. I think zero and yuuki could never be together.
    Kaname is sexy

  5. I personally think Kaname gets on my last nerves! He’s made me mad SO many times, yo where I can’t even stand him anymore! So I think Yuuki should’ve went for Zero.

    • no cuz zero is MINE ! GOT IT MINEMINEMINE

  6. ie orrivel

  7. Ya but kaname abuses aido. Sad.

  8. Kaname is kind of evil. He just lets Yuki get hurt by that Pureblood in chapter 59, but i guess he did it cause he knew zero was in the graveyard where yuki got hurt. Besides Yuki’s smart enough to fake faint and get zero to carry her even if it’s to the hunters association. 😀 GO KANAME AND ZERO!!!
    I would prefer Zero as a friend and Kaname as a BF. I want them both >:D!!!

  9. Aw, come on. Kaname + Yuki = perfection. Although, I would love to have a Kaname in my closet just for me… ^_^

  10. I think kaname and yuki are great for each other! Kaname is gorgeous and mysterious and dark and is complimented well be yukis caring, open and bubbly personality XD Zero works better as a brotherly figure for yuki. And then I could have zero to myself X3 I guess I can be a very nurturing person and depressed zero reminds me of a little birdie who’s (emotional) scars need help healing… ❤

  11. i like YukixKaname … but that might be just cuz i want zero 4 my self …


  12. okay. why is everyone talking about yuuki and kaname??? i’m prety sure this is about ichiru and zero….. now me is comfused…@.@

    but besides that, i agree with you!! Zero and Ichiru are meant to be together, and i quote from the Great Slash Dragon,” Two sides of the same coin”. Though I am a firm beleiver that Ichiru tops Zero. Dont know why… maybe its cuz Zero is too sensitive and easily manipulated????

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