Posted by: Teeif | 17 June, 2008

4 Koma: Express delivery

Tian- zi loli princess
Is she wearing a thong!? smile_sniff

Code Geass R2: Koma No.9 –
Express Delivery

Code Geass 10 - CC Truck copy
Code Geass 10 - Lelouch
Code Geass 10 - Pizza hut delivery copy
Code Geass 10 - hareem

~ Teeif



  1. 9/10. First time I’ve laughed tonight.

  2. Looks like she’s wearing…


  3. Actually I have picture evidence that shows Tianzi isn’t wearing any underwear.

  4. ROFL

  5. Of course she isn’t wearing anything it was her wedding day she was gonna give it up to her 40yr old huspand

  6. Typical for anon to have no morals or repect for children’s innocence.

  7. i think its true she is wearing a thong 🙂
    but its cutie actually 😀

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