Posted by: Teeif | 19 June, 2008

Code Geass 10 – the farce of war

Code Geass 10- beamuCode Geass 10- mach battle

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Turn 10.
When the Shenhu Shines.

In a masterclass of how to balance the budget after your lead artist hovers up your resources to design C.C’s cheesy-kuns, heavily complex action sequences were spliced into idiosyncratic ‘tactical’ warfare using coloured blocks on screens to convey the action. The age of pitched battles with columns and lines finished a century ago, yet here two sides fight what looks like a game of Warhammer. Sun Tzu is gonna be rolling in his grave. But it is Zero who is, quite uncharacteristically, made to look like he has the objective focus and judgement of a blind retard.

Surely even a batty old pacifist would understand the objective was to escape China with Tian Zi? So when Gandalf shows up, bringing his ICBM to a knife fight, do you continue running? Do you try to distract or slow down Xing Ke with cannon fodder or maybe Asahina? No, Zero, stopped the whole army and sends out his most powerful weapon on a flat battery. Even using Tian Zi to distract Xing Ke would be a better idea. She could say she has no panties on. Xing Ke would bleed the rest of his blood through his nose and faint, it’s super effective!

Inevitably, Kallen soon gets captured and forced to partake in some mecha tentacle porn. But it’s not over. Zero makes another rubbish decision to go back for Kallen, which he fails at. He stumbles into a trap and must rely on a fricken laaaazer beam so he can escape for one last stand.

Next week, I’d like to know who is impersonating Lelouch at the academy? Could it be Orange-kun’s Geass power?

~ Teeif


  1. Ewww, orange-kun lols

    I really hope that this is how this series ends:

    Lulu x Kallen

    But it’d be interesting if it really turns out to be orange-kun’s geass power. Now all we need to have is a chick with Geass power.

  2. @Teeif:

    No, I don’t really like CC. KALLEN IS LOADS BETTER XD

  3. I agreed with you

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