Posted by: Teeif | 23 June, 2008

4 Koma – What should I do!?

Pinky Promise Tian Zi
Pinky promise – it’s how they do it in China… 


Code Geass R2: 4 Koma No.10 –
What should I do!?

Code Geass 11 - What should we do ScheizelCode Geass 11 - Do a barrel roll copyCode Geass 11 - Doing a rollCode Geass 11 - Spinning

See this if you haven’t played this awesome game, then go find a copy and play it!


This week’s omake:
Code Geass 11 - Perverts 1Code Geass 11 - Perverts 2

For a bunch of castrated freaks, Eunuchs sure are perverted!

This reminds me, Eunuchs are castrated because:
(a) the emperor’s porcupines can’t cheat on him with the servants and
(b) quell any ambitions the servants have to dispose of the monarchy and establish their own dynasty since they can’t have children.

So why would the Eunuchs want Britannian Noble titles when they will pretty much die out in a few decades? Is this is another unholy plothole?

Whatev! This is Code Geass…

~ Teeif.


  1. Hmm… I look forward to episode 12. You said you would do a 4koma of The Lelouch Who Leapt Through Time.

  2. […] I’ve been a lazy ass with an actual Code Geass post, although I completed an 4koma within a day because that was far more relevant to my interests. I am already looking forward to […]

  3. man, i laughed my ass out with that starfox pic xDDDD it reminded me of the old good times 😀

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