Posted by: Teeif | 25 June, 2008

Vampire Knight 12 – Silly rabbit and ZeMo win.

Vampire Knight 12 - Maria and shizukaVampire Knight 12 - shizuka and kaname

Although it’s sad to learn that Vampire Knight is taking a summer hiatus after next weeks episode, the jawsomeness of the penultimate episode kinda makes up for it. The fact that I will miss Alice is a positive testament to how much I’ve enjoyed this series so far.

Shizuka’s exit at the hand of Kaname this episode has smatterings of suicide like a lemming with a purpose. Ichirou survives her, as does the body of Maria. I wonder what will happen to both? Perhaps Shizuka will return as a loli version of her formerself ála evangelion. What proved to be Shizuka’s undoing was Zero’s determination which was quite gratifying. So, Kaname killed Shizuka over Yuki.

Why does everyone want have Yuki’s virginity blood anyway?

New OP scenes Again!?

Now that Kurenai Maria’s cover has been blown, making it clear that Lesbian loligoth bloodsucking/sex is going to be an impossibility, the OP scene has been changed again. This time it highlights Zero’s struggles with his enemies. The way he’s surrounded by both Shizuka and Ichirou exhibits his personal dilemmas.

Vampire Knight 12 - shizuka and zeroVampire Knight 12 - Ichirou v zero

I was reading the VIZ English translation of the Vampire knight manga when I came across a cool box out. The mangaka, Matsuri Hino, has pet names for her characters and she invites her readers to come up with some of their own.

Excerpted from Vampire Knight Vol.1:Vampire-Knight-12---Nicknames

Well, it didn’t take much time or effort so here are mine:
Yuki -> Moetard-hime, Snow Rabbit (silly rabbit), Baito-ko.
Zero – ZeMo, Nothing.
Kaname – Gayname, Paedo-name, Kunt-kun.

My reading the manga by-the-way won’t lead to any spoilers because VIZ has only translated the first 4 volumes up to chapter 19 (Just after this episode I think). The anime will have finished the current season by the time Volume 5 is released on September the 2nd, maybe even the second season will have started! smile_cry

~ Teeif


  1. hihi …penghisap darah

    ZERO I LOVE U!!! 🙂

  3. ang cute cute tlaga ng mga cast

  4. vampire knight rocks

  5. придурок зачем убил ее

  6. I love Vampire Knight!

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