Posted by: Teeif | 28 June, 2008

Code Geass R2 11: Ignore plotholes, continue riding.

Code Geass 11 - The chineseCode Geass 11 - cc

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Turn 11
The power of feelings

So I’ve been a lazy ass with an actual Code Geass post, although I completed an 4koma within a day because that was far more relevant to my interests. I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s broadcast! I might as well take this opportunity to speculate on the contents of the preview.

Now if you remember episode 11, then congratulations, you are not a goldfish! The Chinese High Eunuchs got deposed by an ominous looking popular uprising, leaving Britannia to withdraw, meaning Zero got away again!

Now depending on who you are, you may be able to account the other events? Fanboys will fondly remember C.C in a state of undress and Kallen in a state of duress. Lolikons in particular will recall that there were no takers for a political marriage for Tian Zi, so the Loli-princess is written out the story. Yaoi-fans will have noted that all of Suzaku, Lelouch and Gino (+ Anya) are now enrolled in Ashford Academy. But if you remember Sayako’s cross dressing as the best part of the last episode, you are the pervert-King/Queen!!!

Why? I ask you to recall Lulu-ko; It is wrong in so many ways.

So, with Knights of the Round prowling through Ashford Academy, Lelouch needs to careful manage his double and yet maintain concealing his secret base. Suzaku probably still suspects Lelouch is the reborn Zero but won’t know of Rolo’s treachery. Since the knights are busy playing high-school-romance, Lelouch has the ball in his court, but he has to figure out how to rescue Kallen who is bait for a trap. This won’t be resolved easily nor by next episode.

Next week’s episode is provocatively entitled, Rabu Attaku! And with 2 lelouchs running around and silly hats abound, delivery of an high school comedy fanservice is guaranteed – all within 25 minutes or your money back (Pizza Hut delivery co.)!

~ Teeif

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