Posted by: Teeif | 28 June, 2008

Kurenai 12 – I am disappointed (END)

Kurenai 12 - lol, wutKurenai 12 - Crash

Kurenai 12th night
I am.

Oh THAT was fun, I leave my computer for one moment only to find it has restarted itself, taking my Photoshop and my post into the netherworld of lost 1s and 0s. So much for multitasking!

I could write another analysis into how unbelievable and crap the conclusion the was, but actually I don’t care anymore. It’s safe to assume it would be along the lines of negative parts from Martin, Hanners, Ashlynne and Pixelmatsch. Except I wasn’t even going to bother complaining about the fi-sik-s. Or the fact that no one decided to bring a gun. Or Benika’s guts of steel (She didn’t even bleed). Or the inconsistency in the Kuhouin hegemony.

There were basically 2 problems hidden inside the luscious art and well paced action sequences, the unlikely win and the even more unlikely result.

I must’ve blinked and missed the Megaelixir throw, it must’ve happened just before Yayaoi and Shinkurou syncronise kung fu-ed their respective opponents, what better way to explain their miraculous comeback? Okay, Hōzuki-ryu is the best fighting style on the planet, so use it to start off with!

Then there is the end. If it was a race, it’d be like the winners decided to go home without the trophy. As if on the finishing line, the leaders just turned around and made a deal with the second place runner. If the film 300 ended this way, we’d see Leonidas persuade King Xerox that invading Greece was a bad idea after all and if he goes home now, he can pretend Greece wasn’t worth it and hence ‘win’. Not only that, Leonidas would trust King Xerox to quietly go home when he turns his back.

What we’ve just witnessed was the win-win scenario to conflict resolution, a harmonious, vernacular and somewhat unfulfilling end. Nethertheless, it does make logical sense to me, afterall Murasaki herself needs convincing to challenge her captives, just as Renjou needed persuasion to grow a spine. It just seems to be lacklustre and melodramatic against the high standards set in previous episodes. Maybe I’m just upset that no one gets to be the lolikon at the end?

Kurinai fin.

~ Teeif


  1. Maybe I’m just upset that no one gets to be the lolikon at the end?

    Uh O.o Now that you mention it, Murasaki was sitting on Renjou’s lap at the very end of the show, you know… XD

  2. And I am very positive about some surprise buttsecks later on. I just can’t believe she won’t be getting some “attention” for being such a bad loli. :3

  3. Murasaki had always been consistent in saying she wanted freedom her mother never had. she had never mentioned abandoning the kohuins . . . just trying to point that out. i like that open ended ending. . .

  4. open ending, quite clear that they both loved each other. Hell what do you need more then that sentence. Kurenai Shinkuro I forgot to ask you one thing, Murasaki suki? And him confirming it with his dream. Well if you read the manga you know at least she goes back to him bye visiting often and even staying overnight. Shinkuro = lolicon.

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