Posted by: Teeif | 30 June, 2008

4-Koma: The Lulu who leapt through time.

Back to school
It’s back to school time.

Code Geass R2: 4 Koma No.11 –
The Lulu who leapt through time.

Part 1:Code Geass 12 - No interest in female bodies
Code Geass 12 - The Lulu who lept through timeThe girl who lept through time - timespaceCode Geass 12 - Crash Landing Rough landing, felt like butt rape.

That extra panel is taken from the brilliant movie, The girl who leapt through time. In the film, a school girl gains the ability to change the past although one of the lessons is to stop running away from the present.

Lelouch has a platoon of fangirls chasing him, oh no! Life sucks. One should know telling fangirls ‘I have no interest in female bodies’ is not a good idea; they’ll get the YAOI paddles out next. But I’m sure lulu meant that ‘love is blind’.

Part 2:
Code Geass 12 - Shirly; nooooCode Geass 12 - The Lulu who lept through timeThe girl who lept through time - timespaceCode Geass 12 - Lulu and Rolo

You didn’t think I would end it any other way, did you?

This week’s Omake:Code Geass 12 - Carline le Brittania
A new loli appears! Carline Le Britannia sounds like a Yanderu-ko ~ ❤

Code Geass 12 - Anya
Poor Anya, those rugby players behind look like they might break her!

Code Geass 12 - Kallen
Not that Kallen cares…

Code Geass 12 - Rolo
Jealousy, turning saints into the sea…

Code Geass 12 - Bounce
It’sa Mee Sayako, Mario!

Code Geass 12 - Burns Pose

Code Geass 12 - Anya can't
Other then the fact that she is a loli, Anya proves why you shouldn’t give a huge Mecha to a 15-year old with no common sense!

Code Geass 12 - A cat with 2 hats
For everyone in this competition, a cat is fine too. It haz both sexz!

Code Geass 12 - Pizza hut
Obligatory, sponsored by Pizza hut image… *yom* *yom*.

~ Teeif


  1. LOL, I can’t believe they made a red-head a loli … but even so, I recognized those shots from the Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

    The 4-komas were great!

  2. I just loooooooove Rolo! What a cute little boy he is…He trusts Lulu sooooo much, but lulu tries to kill him because of Shirley!!?? OTZ

  3. me encanta code geass es super chido les dejo mi correo

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