Posted by: Teeif | 30 June, 2008

Code Geass R2 12: Yummy filler

Code Geass 12 - Slut teamCode Geass 12 - Graduation

Usually, comedy intertwined with serious business means being force fed a half-baked victoria sandwich with cheese and holes. This describes the filler episodes for Chobits and Naruto, but I dare not skip the meal because there may be something nutritional in them.

However, Code Geass does need a few fillers to break up it’s much lauded high octane pacing sometimes. This was a good time to let the dust settle in China and re/introduce alot of characters. In any case, I have to say the comedy was not cheesy and the plot not especially unholy. I think Sunrise have got a good formulae worked out for these types of episodes.

Sunrise means physics, chronological order and logic don’t apply in the most somber of times so I won’t bother commenting on the comedy. Suffice to say it’s Cupid day, Milley graduated and Shirly got Lelouch. Now that Milly’s become a weather girl, does that mean an end for comedy episodes? I hope not!

Through random interspersing we got quite various different developments in the overall narrative. Britannia declares war on a broken China – what the hell is Tian Zi doing? Cornelia is back and she’s out to clear Euphie’s name through exposing the Geass, good idea, but rubbish motivation smacks of Sunrise writing. Obviously, the Emperor won’t be pleased but the Emperor is up to his own world-ending schemes. Kallen is tied in a straitjacket at the whim of a blind loli, so she’s probably safe. At least safe from surprise sex… maybe.

And finally, Shirley regains her memories due to Orange-kun’s cliffhanger-making-geass. Too bad for you, Lelouch, she knows you’re Zero (again) heart_broken. Always unlucky in love.

~ Teeif


  1. Not enough Kallen and no CC either … I am disappointed.

  2. @ blissmo: Well, they’d pulled ahead of Shirley in the screentime stakes in the previous episodes, so I imagine the writers had to compensate.

  3. Anya is looking mighty lonely there.

  4. lol……. got to love it

  5. This was the funniest episode I saw…
    If only Suzaku had participated…wonder who he’d go for…
    heh heh…
    *nudge nudge*

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