Posted by: Teeif | 2 July, 2008

Vampire Knight 13: A girly version of The Highlander?

A Sweet dream has not ended yet.

Vampire Knight 13 - Forbidden Love; too loli for IchiruVampire Knight 13 - GAY Vampirism

Vampire Knight: The 13th Night
A Deep red chain.

Well as endings go that wasn’t quite the dropping of little boy on Hiroshima at the turning point of the 20th century, but Zero sucking Kaname’s blood was a pretty bombshell. Aren’t these two supposed to hate each other?

If there was dislike, at least Kaname showed strategic verve or at least deep love, in exposing his position for Yuki’s protection. Nevertheless, this scene in the dungeon was pretty freaking GAR. Zero was in chains with his shirt unbuttoned on drugs, and straining against his… desires when Zero sucks the Pureblood. Interestingly all the vampires in the academy instinctively knew about it. Does this mean Zero is saved because he reverts back to level D? If so, how long for?

All this is was because Zero failed to reach Shizuka before she died, but to be honest I was a bit lost. I couldn’t see past from present in the forest of freaking flashbacks! This is why I hate flashbacks, there was a flashback inside a freaking flashback!

From the story of Shizuka I can somewhat gleam a little understanding as to her motives and purpose, though no as yet, why she sacrificed herself at the academy. Clearly, she was regarded as mad and she killed because she was in love. Ichiru is a result of the lessons learned from that incident. While she holds a grudge against the Pureblood establishment, a viewpoint she shares with Kaname, why did she antagonise him by going after Yuki? Did her death make Kamane more powerful? Are the Purebloods in a competition to become the last one remaining? Is Vampire Knight like a the pansy, girly version of The Highlander?

~ Teeif


  1. If the series can drag itself out of the dredges of depression that seems to beset everyone’s life, then maybe I’ll be interested again. Also, the animation QUALITY was just HORRIBLE at times; ridiculously inconsistent. The only people I liked were The Chairman (who’s probably a vampire) and Hiou Shizuka (who’s dead). Ah well, at least there might be more blood-whip fighting next season.

  2. Personally I absolutely loved the Kaname/Zero in the cellar blood drinking scene. But then again, I am a somewhat rabid fangirl of that pairing. P:

    However, I really do suggest the manga whilst you’re waiting for season two. You can find scanlations on – the events differ slightly but episode 13 is probably around chapters 20-27 or so. The plot REALLY hots up from chapter 30 – political intrigue, creepy relatives, Yuuki finding out about her hidden past…

    -And yes, by drinking Shizuka’s blood Kaname gained a lot more power. (Did they show this in the episode…? I thought so, but I can’t remember. :3)

  3. its not really poor animation, its the still of it.

  4. Stile*

  5. thought the animation in VK was really good and for those of you who don’t think so you are surely blind xp. It’s suppose to be a drama-like series with some funny parts put in. I love VK it is one of the best anime out there! You’d be a fool not to love it =D. I had lots of favorite characters and the setting is awesome. ok Bye Nyappy!

  6. i´m frome mexico, and i love zero………. well se you there…

  7. i ………………………….

  8. cool pictures I really like them a lot

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