Posted by: Teeif | 16 July, 2008

Naruto 64-65: God can’t save Konoha!

Naruto 63-64- Sakura at blackoutNaruto 63-64- The gate

Naruto Shippuuden 64-65 (Naruto 264-265)
Konoha, completely locked down! Strict guard Naruto Shippuuden special.

I found it bemusing that an act of god, like an earthquake rescued the summer Beijing Olympics from political turmoil. I am glad the athletes can now concentrate on training hard rather that get embroiled into the political quagmire of Tibetan propaganda. An athlete’s life must be gruelling,  training day in, day out repeating the routine again and again until you get your technique and your body into peak condition. Then comes the big day and you get beat by someone from a different country, whose name you can’t even pronounce!

Now we get to the latest Naruto but unlike China, the multiple acts of God aren’t going to save it, in fact it’s worse because of them. I wasn’t impressed by the earthquakes that instantly swallowed up Konoha’s legions of ninjas. Kinda like athletes who turn up to a marathon only to find their foreign opponents brought along a scooter. I thought the instant wall/dome was ridiculous. That corpses can provide these ridiculous powers even more so. So, Furido’s 4-man bulldozing of Konoha is pretty bullshit, except it just happened.


The invasion reminded me of Orochimaru’s invasion of the village and you only have to compare that to realise that this part of the filler was written by an imbecile. Just two words invaded my thoughts: WTF!? Haxorz.

These forty minute specials of Naruto, just like their titles, are just too long! It’s senseless and thus boring. You see, they’ve stretched the Naruto world a bit too far here and it snaps into a pile of broken (but pretty) images and sound effects.

~ Teeif.


  1. And here I thought they made a new Naruto 64 game.

  2. Did Asuma do anything cool yet?

  3. Did anyone die yet?

  4. @Teeif:

    Damnit! Well, let me know when some does

  5. Spoilers: Asuma lies.

  6. Shin- Ahh, typos. Protecting the innocent from spoilers since 1986! 😀

    Ahehehe. I gave up on the fillers a while back, and I’m now just waiting for the good bits with Hidan going crazy in to start…

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