Posted by: Teeif | 20 July, 2008

Multinational Corporation 1 – Misdemeaning panty image thief 0

Multinational Corporation 1 
Misdemeaning panty image thief 0

Following a request by the representatives of an international clothes retailer, I have withdrawn the strike witches 4-koma posted on 11th July 2008. I respect the rights of any individual or organisation to alert myself of any offence caused and will take corrective action. I apologise if the brand has been damaged in any way. The images, prose and themes published in this blog are of light humour and is not intended to infringe on any person’s or organisation’s rights in anyway. As ever, if anyone else finds anything offensive, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Article with reference to:

And that’s as much as I can show you guys without getting into more trouble. It looks like even Phoenix Wright doesn’t even scare these guys away, maybe I need a new lawyer…

~ Teeif



  1. I’ll be your lawyer

  2. Nope, sorry. If I cosplay you have to pay an extra $1

  3. Sure, I’d like them in cents please!

  4. […]   Patsu Witch cosplay was OMG fail-winLink is very, very NSF! (Please don’t sue me). […]

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