Posted by: Teeif | 7 August, 2008

Naruto 66-67: this was all a bit stupid!

Naruto 66 - pornNaruto 66 - Zombie nation

Naruto Shippuuden 66
Resurrected Souls

Naruto Yaoi hardly ranks at the top of my list of important things but I really need to catch up on Naruto cos apparently it gets better.

Konoha is under attack from zombies and ultimate lightning spell hax (called limelight? XD) but they can’t even manage that without ruining it. Considering Japan is where Shoot the darkies resident evil 5 is made, the zombies were utterly disappointing. One of the zombies freaking talks… he doesn’t even look dead and makes time to apologise before attacking Asuma. Rubbish, rubbish and not scary at all!

When we finally catch up with Naruto and Sora, who resolve their differences while having secks fighting rolling around on top of each other, Sora is confessing to Naruto (or something of the sort). Sadly, Sora breaks something and runs off while Fuko cockblocks Naruto .

This episode ends in 3 one-on-one fights to finish off the parings from way back in episode 59 so for the next episode…

naruto 67 - nooo not more narutonaruto 67 - its all about perspective

Naruto Shippuuden 67
Everyone’s Struggle to the Death

Woody wins, Asuma wins, even Sakura wins! Although her win counts for less cos her transvestite opponent didn’t even throw a punch. Sakura only had to say ‘kyaaaa’ and use an antidote – she’s still useless.

Kiddy this was not tho, Woody and Sakura killed their opponents in cold blood! Only Naruto hasn’t yet finished the fugly Poison Ivy. However, since Furedo embued his spells to his henchmen, who promptly off and got defeated, the barriers came down and his plan is undone. Well that was a bit stupid wasn’t it?

~ Teeif.


  1. And this is why we have Plan B’s. AWESOME Plan B’s.

  2. Ugh is this show still in fillers? I’ve been glancing at your blog hoping they’d come back to the story some day…guess not lol

  3. The TRUE most kickass Ninja EVER.

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