Posted by: Teeif | 27 November, 2008

Vampire Knight Guilty 2: King Kaname does what he likes

Vampire Knight 02  G2 - Sold off for slavery

Vampire Knight 02  G2 - lookie no boobs Vampire Knight 02 G2  - bow down if you're gay for Kaname Vampire Knight 02 G2  - cold sub zero even

No time to watch silly cartoons means time to I be a little impatient. If at 2 episodes into a new series, I get bored to the point of struggling to pay attention for 20 minutes, that suggests a significant depreciation in the quality of the series right? In episode 2 of series 2, 2 things are clear: nothing happens and Yuki is a Moetard.

They have a costume, almost cosplay, ball, it appears. A so called vampire banquet but I’d rather attend one than watch one. I have absolutely no idea why a meeting of the Vampiric upper society was required as Kaname’s negotiations barely exceeded that nonchalant expression of his. He says something along the lines of “f**k you” and literally, the spineless aristocracy fall in line to offer him their daughters. Then the nasty aristocrats go away and leave Kaname to whatever he was going to do anyway.

What a drag, did something happen? No. Even the almost tense love scene between Yuuki and Kaname was all wrong. It was unatmospheric due to being lit up like a hockey match and the music didn’t even turn up to play something noticeable.

Whatever happens next, it’ll all be Kaname’s fault, it’s always his fault!

Vampire Knight 02  G2 - A kiss not from Kaname


  1. kanam sama le exellent vampire my love

  2. linda

  3. kaname sucks!
    miserable character!
    he ruined vampire knight for me! damn him

    • no his not miserable.
      and he didn’t ruin the vampire knight. 😀

      we love him..

  4. it’s not true!!

    kaname is lonely human!!

    i love him

  5. I want to know ho is the cuter zero or kaname


      cuz i don’t really like kaname……

      he took yuki from zero…..

      i want yuki with zero… 🙂

      • I luv zero!
        I find zero and yuuki are a much better couple than kaname and yuuki ):<
        Im sad that kaname is with yuuki 😥

      • Not true kaname didnt take yuki away from zero. yuki was already kaname’s love or girl. if you remember yuki and kaname knew each other way before zero came into the picture. yuki was already in love with kaname. and kaname save yuki. i love zero and kaname. they are both good characters. but yuki belongs to kaname that is how it goes. and i love kaname and yuki together more than zero and yuki. although yuki and zero could be good couples.:). but stop hatin on kaname. i love kaname. ❤ Kaname

  6. I love Kaname Kuran and Yuuki Cross

  7. Kaname is her elder brother…. why do you think he is the miserable character.. he is the best..

    • Kaname is not her elder brother. yuki and kaname are not related. kaname is the best and i love him.

  8. i love Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiriyu

    • Omg Me too. 🙂

  9. zero is my love but I also like the kaname

    I want them to be real ❤ ❤

    but if they were the real, GIRLS ❤ Zero ❤ IS MY ok

  10. kaname is the best he’s cute!

  11. I’ve had this blog bookmarked for several years now, it surely is a blast from the past

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