Alpha 3.
Pretty much an annotated blogroll on drugs with aids.


  1. Everyone gets one entry per category, category is picked based on priority, layout and my judgement of blog style.
  2. Alter-egos do not count as extra bloggers (I.E. Raptorko, Xebey-chan, ), some of you have more alter-egos than I’ve had partners, I’m not putting them all down!
  3. Derailed by Darry is NOT funny! It is a very, very good editorial blog but apart from an overused tagline and a few insane readers, it’s not funny. Yes he won the f**king contest but I reckon that’s because most people chose the only blog they knew.
  4. Problems with your categorisation? Please e-mail me and tell me what a useless cunt I’ve been.

WordPress family

Website Title Authors I’ve Sound Blog 愛撫 Meimi132 no Itonami Meimi132 Expo Expo Other Open Your Mind 53RG10


I love reading you but at the same time I should hate my competition… ZETSUBOUSHITA!!!!!

Website Title Authors Ramblings of DarkMirage DarkMirage We are f**king not DOTQ. This time seriously Lolikitsune Ex-fansubber ひとり言 Hinano (Tsundere!) Baka-Raptor Baka-Raptor Atarashi Prelude Shin Kurogane’s anime blog Kurogane Mega Megane Moé CCY I MUST SUCCEED! Ashley, Becca Incredible Nothing Issa-sa

AB Scholar
Sometimes it’s interesting to debate why Shinji’s ego is 20% smaller than his penis… sometimes.

Website Title Authors Cruel Angel Thesis Owen S When Anime Past Meets Present deathkillz, Kaioshin Sama The Animanachronism IKnight Riuva : Research Institute for Unicultural Visual Arts Gman, tj_han, Hynavian, Ascaloth, LianYL, Crest, Tsubaki, Kokanaden The Anime Almanac Scott

All Hail Britannia Ana.

Website Title Authors The End of the World Martin (Sempai) Anime Chatter omisyth Anime wa Bakuhatsu da! OGT AWESOME ENGINE Brack Deranged Minds Deranged Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog Hanners Ruki: the running blog Runningkid Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito yuribou, love Hige vs. Otaku Hige, Otaku

AB Team
Good friends-are those who stick together. When there’s sun and in the heavy weather… or something…

Website Title Authors THAT anime blog Impz (the trap!), lelangir, Calawain, Maipeisu, Crusader, Extrange, Shokkeru, Reverse Vampire, ThirteenSugars, Lupus Sea Slugs Anime Kabitzin, Kungfucius, Ender Are Are Rakuen, Valkyriez, Nagato, sea, Webbmaster62 Yukan Blog blissmo (my Lawyer), Omisyth, 21st Century Digital Boy, Makoto, Cokematic, JLeeson, newgeekphilosopher, otou-san, Hotcakez. Borderline Hikkikomori Fix CJ Blackwing, rakuen42, Crisu, jedko Mellow Space mellow_bunny, Toshiyuki, Pablo-kun, JTFish, Aka

AB Comics
A picture means 1000 words and none at the same time.

Website Title Authors Beta-Waffle DiGiKerot Daijoubu DS Mistakes of Youth wildarmsheero

AB Episodic
This is where it gets a bit OCD

Website Title Authors Xebek’s Blog Xebek Subculture Anime Blog Totali Random Curiosity Omni, Divine


  1. ;_;

    Why am I not there LOL

    No dead bunnies for you! XD

  2. Haha okay I forgive you 😛

  3. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the categories will be. 😛

  4. Actually derailed IS funny… maybe you just don’t get his references? :X

    But I guess “funny” is an objective thing :/

  5. @Teeif: SURE THING! I’ll going to sooo mention you in the Bunny Channel now XD

    Just wait a bit longer ‘cos I’m touring the Japanese exchange student like crazy

    Oh and since I’m your lawyer, I recommend you get the Team Blogs banner finished and up by tomorrow

  6. For AB Brits, does this also work?

    They really are starting to take over. 😛

  7. W00T! On Blogroll! Though I changed my site’s name to Anime Chatter as Dream Chatter made no sense and had no relevance to my posts. Funny that.

  8. Dropping in to say hello. And um, that’s pretty much it. =3

  9. wow, i’ve never seen so many anime fans in one sitting! fans who practically analyse the material like we did way back in college over grrek mythology!

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