Posted by: Teeif | 11 September, 2008

Naruto 70-71: Of weapons of mass dissapointment

Naruto 70 - Naruto is smittenNaruto 70 - Sora is gay

Naruto Shippuuden 70

But vot happened to mah Nuke?

Sora with Kuubi’s powers imbued within is like a Russian superpower, uncontrolled resurgence, angry and unpredictable. Sorabi easliy brushes away the best attempts by Chouji, Shikimaru, Ino and (laugthably) Sakura’s (useless) best wishes to restain him. Two massive overpowered AOE nukes and Captain Taichou’s improvised wooden shelters later (Lol, made out of wood?), and really there’s only one thing stopping that awesome monster – that’s the power of love Naruto’s origional Kyuubi.

Except, he fails to match Sorabi’s 4 tails, nevermind 5, or even 9. Perhaps I getting a little ahead of myself here, there can only be 4! We know this because, underwhelmingly, the concept art for nine tails hasn’t been drawn yet… -_- . There was so much build up only Naruto shut down Kyuubi and transformed back before the end with perhaps the lamest excuse since Iraq.

That’s like, lol, wut? How do you expect to win now? It seems America (You know, the blond haired Yankee) is not keen to stretch it’s military muscle so seems to have pretty much conceaded to the Russians, or has he?

Naruto 70 - Sorabi AngerNaruto 71 - end

Naruto Shippuuden 71

Forget the fight, or the making up gayness what not – that was rubbish!

Who were those 2 Akatsuki chasing the Jinchuriki? It was right, right at the end and hopefully represents how the storyline will shift up a gear now that the fillers are essentially over.

~ Teeif


  1. hey ^^

    ummm…..r thouse new pic of naruto???

  2. New? As in Shippuuden new. He’s 16 or so now.

  3. Sora isnt gay!! >_>
    the only gaylord are you!!!! -.- *arrghhh*

  4. I truly LOVE your posts regarding Naruto episodes.


    Sora leaving to travel and get friends indeed was no more than a f***ing excuse…

    Oh, well, at least those fillers were better than other ones. Interesting, for a change.

    I had a good time watching them with my siblings.

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