Posted by: Teeif | 20 July, 2008

4-Koma: What is your Brother like?

Poker Code Geass
Who is holding the Ace of Spades?

Code Geass R2: 4 Koma No.13 –
What is your Brother like?

Despite last week’s comic, I was actually going to allow Rolo the benefit of the Law and let him be innocent until proven guilty. Afterall, the shooting took place off screen and we weren’t sure who pulled the trigger, Dallas style. But no, Rolo gets in there, aiming for faggot of the year by sucking up to Lelouch over Shirley’s dead body!


Code Geass R2 14 - Kallen questionsCode Geass R2 14 - lulu and shirleyCode Geass R2 14 - SlaughterCode Geass R2 14 - Nunnally
OH! Nunnally, you blind fool!

I forgot to put in the sponsor ~AiieeeeCode Geass R2 14 - Pizza Hut (Don’t suspend my pizza stream, pls?)

~ Teeif.


  1. haha, poor nunally

  2. Could Nunnally use Geass? Being blind and all…

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