Tomare! [Stop]
You’re going the wrong way!

Lostlink is a episodic anime blog written in a remote provincial Britain and is not the right direction if you want Japanese pantsu news. Lostlink is written by Teeif, with an agenda to enlighten the world with an amusing, entertaining but somewhat untimely perspective on Animé and Japanophile Fandom.

  1. Policy
  2. FAQs
  3. The Author
  4. Links

1. Policy

1.1 Lostlink is Teeif © 2008 All Rights Reserved.

1.2 Lostlink is rated as PG, which according to the BBFC (The British Board for Censorship) is not suitable for minors and especially not paedophiles, reverse-traps and my mum, because the content may include inappropriate language, nudity, aliens, espers and timetravellers.

1.3.1 The user should beware and apply local laws where appropriate. For example, if you live in China, tin hats must be in use at all times because the thought police will be spying on you. This blog will contain animé which is loosely translated in many languages as ‘Porn’.

1.3.2 You have been warned and I will throw any lawsuits that my blog incited your son/daughter/father to commit acts of violence, incest or child abuse in the bin.

1.4 As a German-British-Chinese-Gay-Muslim-Jew-Transexual, The Author reserves the right to make as many horrifically offensive Jokes about their own identity as required by the needs of the article. Please accept such articles in the light of general humour but if you find anything that is offensive to yourself, drop me an email.

1.5 Spoiler Policy. To view my spoiler policy please click here.


I hope you get the gist of it!

1.6 The multi-faceted joined-up targets for this blog in the current financial year are to ‘try to take over the world’, get snake on a plane (counter-terrorism) and recruit more fans for British Anime.

2. FAQs

* No questions asked yet. *

Please Ask a question. You can ask anything, even if you want to know how many partners I’ve had. You can even ask silly ones because I’ll just post it and take the Mick out of you. 🙂

3. The Author

Hi, I’m Teeif.
This is My Anime List (MAL) – Please add me as a Friend because I have like, 4 😦

I’m a British Born Chinese (aka BBC), who isn’t actually born in Britain but in Germany, living in a provincial town out in the sticks. My family are from Hong Kong and I will find myself in the far east at times but for the time being I’m stuck in the sticks.

I’m a big I’ve Sound fan but I also like Rie fu, Dir en grey, Asian Kung fu, Utada Hikari, Ayumi Hamasaki and L’arc en ciel. I’ve Sound is the electro/trance group behind the OPs to Air, Shana and Higurashi among many, many others. If you are ambivalent to their music, try turning your bass up!!


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  3. Yeah and on that blogroll I better be on it! XD

  4. What does “…take the Mick out of you.” mean?

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