Posted by: Teeif | 23 October, 2008

Vampire Knight G1: Vellcome Bakku

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Vampire Knight Guilty First Night
Sinners of fate

There’s something about vampire knight that I can’t help but admire because despite the crappy animation, stale comedy, mellow drama and Yui Horie, I warmly welcomed Vampire Knight back into my life. That’s a privilege I usually reserve only for my parents and my cat – the latter doesn’t even have a blood sucking monster story behind it.

The ‘season break’ is becoming a regular occurrence in animeville now, To Love Ru and Kanokon are other uptakes. I like it. It allows time for fans to digest the plot, have a natural mid-season break in pace and in this particular case, underline a major turning point. Oh, I guess some of you also appreciated the chance to furiously sketch Zero x kaname Porn. 😛

And there were significant changes, following some Sucking Events, Shizuka’s death has attracted the attention of the council and Zemo is now Kaname’s toyboy (which hasn’t warranted any reaction whatsoever!). Yet some beautiful plotting makes the episode begin almost as it began all of 6 months ago – Chairman Cross is still straight as a Boomerang, Z-EMO is a emo, Yui Horie Yuki Cross is still a Moetard. One change, I distressingly admit despite my extremely upset state (ohh how could you?) is that Kaname is turning into a bit of a cunt. Nooooo.

😛 Nah.  I don’t really care, I care more about Maria. It seems she will probably serve little purpose now Shizuka is finished toying with her body. Cast off; like a unwanted doll. This should be a lesson to all of you who thinks being used by a blood sucking vampire is a good thing.

Kaname is now entangled in Vampire Council matters which must’ve tweaked his ego cos he’s only spent this episode being obnoxious, manipulative and snobby. The way he chides Yuki and looks down on Zemo is a bit shocking really. He’s an bit of a pommy cunt actually!

~ Teeif


  1. I’m so excited about the guests!! I may actually try for some signitures this time. I’ve never bothered before lol

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