Posted by: Teeif | 29 July, 2008

4-Koma: Take me to your leader!

Taking advantage of C.C.
I am another Moé C.C. convert…

Code Geass R2: 4 Koma No.14 –
Take me to your leader!~

Sorry, I missed last week. Normal service shall resume and an explanation for time loss should soon be completed smile_wink. In the meantime, Biankita did a great job with some of her own comics! Check them out here.

Code Geass R2 16 - Pizza hut
 pizza *yom*yom*yom* …Sponsored by PH… *yom*. pizza


I think Sunrise, in attempting to create a competitive force to match Brittanian’s domination while making pretentious historical references, failed. The fact is, they made a heredity loli monarch head of the united nations.

The real life equivalent is letting the princess of Romania become secretary general at the end of World War 2, despite not having a country because the Communists are borrowing it for V2 rocket bases! I’m sure America would have been delighted at letting her establish a new world order lasting 60 years (and counting smile_regular).

In her defence, I suppose Kagaya is a little girl and therefore the only one capable of piloting the indestructible, sadistic weapons platform that Rakshata keeps in her garage (for a rainy day). Seriously though, she has the black knights to back her up, even though most of their units are provided by India. The black knights appear to be the only effective force in the whole of the UN.

Animu politics aside, Tamaki never got to be squad leader…

Code Geass R2 16 - Credits

I think he’s the cook! XD

~ Teeif.


  1. Heta na nihongo tsukawanaide KUDASAI xD;;

    Just teasing ;P

    Why does she speak Japanese while the lolis only speak English??

  2. Let’s not trivialize the importance of domestic support. Can’t fight on an empty stomach! Somebody has to call Pizza Hut.

  3. Pizza deliveries are so slow nowadays

  4. @teeif: the link was last week’s episode, the updated one is on my name. 😀

  5. Tamaki’s so worthless he doesn’t even appear in the comic, lol

  6. I can imagine the ton of fun I’ll have with that Britannian soldier cheering template.

  7. Mmmmmm…
    What, I’m sorry I was too busy staring at C.C…

  8. If you don’t mind ;P

  9. I’d take up arms for lolis, yes I would.

  10. […] if Teeif’s depiction of lolis is anything to go by, there’ll be no stopping her from uniting ChinaKanto this […]

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