Posted by: Teeif | 22 March, 2008

Naruto 51-52: You can’t have ’emotion’ without ’emo’

…this time, I’m going to kill you on a whim.” – Sasuke (29:40).
Bleh, that’s moody Emos for ya…

Naruto 51-52 - Group hug!Naruto 51-52 - Sasuke VS Kyubi

Naruto Shippuuden 51-52
(Naruto 271-2)
Sasuke’s Anticipated Appearance! The Emotional Naruto Shippuuden Special.

In the past I’ve found Naruto specials to be for special Narutards. As usual it will revolved around a big fight scene which can be described in 3 sentences but somehow take up one hour of screen time. They manage this special timesink using a special technique called special flashbacks.

Special flashbacks are like normal flashbacks except they recall the last 7 years worth of Naruto rather than the last 5 minutes. They are made for special Narutards with OCD who must know every detail of Sasuke’s life before you can fight him.


Me? I was just waiting for Sasuke to stab someone. I admit though that when he did do it, I had a massive grin on my face for the rest of the episode.

A summery in 3 sentences? Sai fails to assassinate girly emo Sasuke, who escapes by blasting a crater, alerting Naruto and co. Taking the initiative, Sasuke jumps in, he counters both Naruto and Sai using Chidori Nagashi before stabbing Woody with a lightsabre. After some Kyubi/Uchiha/”I still love you, Naruto” nonsense distracts Sasuke, Woody pushes the unblockable lightsabre out with, er…. wood but later fails to trap Sasuke.

Holy Shit, Sasuke Is Powerful! He’d be pretty scary too, if he didn’t have the face of a girl.



  1. Sai y sasuke son los mejores

  2. Los personajes de naruto son mios y de nadie mas aunque les duela

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