Posted by: Teeif | 22 May, 2008

Naruto 59: Why bother putting Sasuke in filler Ops?

“With traditional wood block prints, people only remember the designer, not the one who carved the prints.” – Fuuka (12:13) See! Naruto IS educational.

Naruto 59 - TeamNaruto 59 - bad guys

Naruto Shippuden 59 (Naruto 279)
A New Enemy

This week’s Naruto post is also going to be what you should expect, a half-assed cliché driven story dressed up in some new aesthetics strung together against a plethora of inconsistencies. This is what we’ve come to expect in Naruto fillers isn’t it?

The tomb-raiding plotline advances straight into some unimportant set-piece fights against some unremarkable badguy fodder. They had to use some ridiculously overpowered trap involving transforming a plain into almost bottomless and typically unescapable ravine just to separate the set-piece fights nicely.

Thus comes to pass that there are 3 different fights, one against woody, one against Sai and one (or possibly Two) against Sakura, Naruto and Red Shirt No.1. They are up against the Necromancer’s unremarkable lackeys Fudou, Fuen and Fuuka. It won’t actually matter who they fight against though, they’re going to win, but these bad-guys of the month are particularly bland.

One thing that might at least turn out to be quite important is the surveillance of General Danzou. Tsunade has a couple of fox-masked agents tailing him but he’s yet to do anything more nefarious than think about Sai. Danzou is still a mysterious faggot, the sort of fag who are especially difficult to predict. Which way does he swing?

~ Teeif


  1. I bet ya that you’re keeping up with this anime to see if it gets any good? I dropped this at episode 50, lols, but I wish you all the best and hope you finish it! Lemme know if it EVER turns out good.

  2. I don’t watch Narufail, but judging from your title I’m going to guess it’s purely for the benefit of Sasuke fangirls. I do not care much for Sasuke, if I were to fan over some character from Naruto (ohgod no.) it’d probably be Itachi anyways.

    @ blissmo: Wow, this coming from someone who made a defense post for Naruto xP

  3. @Nagato: That was Narutards! Not Naruto lols!

  4. Danzou? I think he has a shota fetish.

  5. naruto shippuden

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