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4-Koma: What is your Brother like?

Poker Code Geass
Who is holding the Ace of Spades?

Code Geass R2: 4 Koma No.13 –
What is your Brother like?

Despite last week’s comic, I was actually going to allow Rolo the benefit of the Law and let him be innocent until proven guilty. Afterall, the shooting took place off screen and we weren’t sure who pulled the trigger, Dallas style. But no, Rolo gets in there, aiming for faggot of the year by sucking up to Lelouch over Shirley’s dead body!

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Naruto 64-65: God can’t save Konoha!

Naruto 63-64- Sakura at blackoutNaruto 63-64- The gate

Naruto Shippuuden 64-65 (Naruto 264-265)
Konoha, completely locked down! Strict guard Naruto Shippuuden special.

I found it bemusing that an act of god, like an earthquake rescued the summer Beijing Olympics from political turmoil. I am glad the athletes can now concentrate on training hard rather that get embroiled into the political quagmire of Tibetan propaganda. An athlete’s life must be gruelling,  training day in, day out repeating the routine again and again until you get your technique and your body into peak condition. Then comes the big day and you get beat by someone from a different country, whose name you can’t even pronounce!

Now we get to the latest Naruto but unlike China, the multiple acts of God aren’t going to save it, in fact it’s worse because of them. I wasn’t impressed by the earthquakes that instantly swallowed up Konoha’s legions of ninjas. Kinda like athletes who turn up to a marathon only to find their foreign opponents brought along a scooter. I thought the instant wall/dome was ridiculous. That corpses can provide these ridiculous powers even more so. So, Furido’s 4-man bulldozing of Konoha is pretty bullshit, except it just happened.


The invasion reminded me of Orochimaru’s invasion of the village and you only have to compare that to realise that this part of the filler was written by an imbecile. Just two words invaded my thoughts: WTF!? Haxorz.

These forty minute specials of Naruto, just like their titles, are just too long! It’s senseless and thus boring. You see, they’ve stretched the Naruto world a bit too far here and it snaps into a pile of broken (but pretty) images and sound effects.

~ Teeif.

Posted by: Teeif | 10 July, 2008

4-Koma: Revenge of the Rolo.

Code Geass R2 Wallpaper Garden
Look out! He’s in the background…

Code Geass R2: 4 Koma No.12 –
Revenge of the Rolo.

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Review: True Tears


Honestly, if True Tears was the title of a film showing at your local theatre, what are the chances of seeing 18-30 year old alpha males attending? Not counting men who are getting dragged in under the noose of emotional blackmail by their spouses, I should think near to none.

True Tears is a highway into chick flick territory, it is romance, drama with a little crying. That’s it! This is a quite, simple, love story whose most auspicious feature is the girl on the left who is only slightly bonkers. Her name is Itsurugi Noe and she is the reason why everyone should watch this animé.

True Tears is an unlikely visual novel adaptation from a virgin animation company, P.A works, who demonstrates how to innovate a tired process – that is, to take the box, throw out the game and rewrite the story. The name is the sole endowment remaining from it’s patriarch.

on the shore

From this cleared slate, the writers crafted a wonderful, yet simple love story. There are three guys and three girls, set across three seasons but confined within a small town. Shinchiro, an artist from a respected family, is the main protagonist. He is a long time friend of Aoi and Nobue, meanwhile another girl from his school, Hiromi moves in. Shinchiro soon meets Noe, who quickly entraps him (and the viewer) with her fanciful persona. No time is wasted before the High School kids start pairing up. The drama begins in earnest when the storyline weaves a path from attraction and confession to decisions and dilemma.

While that sounds drably ordinary, P.A works got the core of this spot on – the characters are enthralling. This is a case where the scope of the story is small but the detail is atomic. Itsurugi Noe leads the line of distinctive, profound characters in interactions which are enchanting and delightful. Hiromi, Jun and Shichirou’s Mum all have complex issues but Noe is the most eccentric of the three initial suitors for the main protagonist. She is childishly cute, but a little inclined monkey around in trees and lacks any common sense.

Built onto this solid core are the bells and whistles, each one of which are exemplary, the music, the background art, the facial expressions and the plot. Each of which are not quite as essential but are nevertheless elegantly done to combine into excellent presentation.

The opening by Eufonius is beautiful melody that sets the tone for slow, soft cinematic orchestral scores which are appropriately inserted. The beautiful pastel backgrounds proficiently demonstrated in the passing of seasons from Autumn to Winter and then from Winter to Spring at it’s epilogue. The unconventional plot, twisting and turning with enough verve to carry through to the unpredictable end.

I also appreciated the animation where background characters move, the use of unconventional camera angles, the parallel Raigomaru subplot, the Japanese costume and symbolism. It’s these little things which adds towards perfection, but it’s also the little things where small criticisms can be applied, I am unconvinced about the arty freezes, the quite repetitive, unremarkable background music and some unrealistic turning points in the plot.

True Tears 3 - in the gardenTrue Tears 1 - Persimmon treeTrue Tears 3 - winter gardenTrue Tears 13 - Spring

Many, many people often work on a project, requiring love and attention over many months and perhaps even years. Such dedication shines in this animé, so much so, that is requires sunglasses to see through the gleam of hard work and polish. Indeed, it’s incredibly difficult to criticise.

True Tears has the artistry, integrity and polish to appeal to a wider audience. Perhaps it’s greatest award is that True Tears could be an animé to show the friends and family. This award requires the infusion of excellent artistry with a friendly, approachable concept and is thus no light attainment.


~ Teeif

More Images (Click to enlarge):
True_Tears 7 KissTrue Tears 12- KissTrue Tears 10 Sakura imitation from AikoTrue Tears 5 Mountais
True Tears 13 - Buridaikon
True Tears 11 - hiromi x shinchiro kissTrue tears 4 - nao eating bird foodTrue Tears 9- Time to fly

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A Sweet dream has not ended yet.

Vampire Knight 13 - Forbidden Love; too loli for IchiruVampire Knight 13 - GAY Vampirism

Vampire Knight: The 13th Night
A Deep red chain.

Well as endings go that wasn’t quite the dropping of little boy on Hiroshima at the turning point of the 20th century, but Zero sucking Kaname’s blood was a pretty bombshell. Aren’t these two supposed to hate each other?

If there was dislike, at least Kaname showed strategic verve or at least deep love, in exposing his position for Yuki’s protection. Nevertheless, this scene in the dungeon was pretty freaking GAR. Zero was in chains with his shirt unbuttoned on drugs, and straining against his… desires when Zero sucks the Pureblood. Interestingly all the vampires in the academy instinctively knew about it. Does this mean Zero is saved because he reverts back to level D? If so, how long for?

All this is was because Zero failed to reach Shizuka before she died, but to be honest I was a bit lost. I couldn’t see past from present in the forest of freaking flashbacks! This is why I hate flashbacks, there was a flashback inside a freaking flashback!

From the story of Shizuka I can somewhat gleam a little understanding as to her motives and purpose, though no as yet, why she sacrificed herself at the academy. Clearly, she was regarded as mad and she killed because she was in love. Ichiru is a result of the lessons learned from that incident. While she holds a grudge against the Pureblood establishment, a viewpoint she shares with Kaname, why did she antagonise him by going after Yuki? Did her death make Kamane more powerful? Are the Purebloods in a competition to become the last one remaining? Is Vampire Knight like a the pansy, girly version of The Highlander?

~ Teeif

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Code Geass R2 12: Yummy filler

Code Geass 12 - Slut teamCode Geass 12 - Graduation

Usually, comedy intertwined with serious business means being force fed a half-baked victoria sandwich with cheese and holes. This describes the filler episodes for Chobits and Naruto, but I dare not skip the meal because there may be something nutritional in them.

However, Code Geass does need a few fillers to break up it’s much lauded high octane pacing sometimes. This was a good time to let the dust settle in China and re/introduce alot of characters. In any case, I have to say the comedy was not cheesy and the plot not especially unholy. I think Sunrise have got a good formulae worked out for these types of episodes.

Sunrise means physics, chronological order and logic don’t apply in the most somber of times so I won’t bother commenting on the comedy. Suffice to say it’s Cupid day, Milley graduated and Shirly got Lelouch. Now that Milly’s become a weather girl, does that mean an end for comedy episodes? I hope not!

Through random interspersing we got quite various different developments in the overall narrative. Britannia declares war on a broken China – what the hell is Tian Zi doing? Cornelia is back and she’s out to clear Euphie’s name through exposing the Geass, good idea, but rubbish motivation smacks of Sunrise writing. Obviously, the Emperor won’t be pleased but the Emperor is up to his own world-ending schemes. Kallen is tied in a straitjacket at the whim of a blind loli, so she’s probably safe. At least safe from surprise sex… maybe.

And finally, Shirley regains her memories due to Orange-kun’s cliffhanger-making-geass. Too bad for you, Lelouch, she knows you’re Zero (again) heart_broken. Always unlucky in love.

~ Teeif

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4-Koma: The Lulu who leapt through time.

Back to school
It’s back to school time.

Code Geass R2: 4 Koma No.11 –
The Lulu who leapt through time.

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Code Geass 11 - The chineseCode Geass 11 - cc

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Turn 11
The power of feelings

So I’ve been a lazy ass with an actual Code Geass post, although I completed an 4koma within a day because that was far more relevant to my interests. I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s broadcast! I might as well take this opportunity to speculate on the contents of the preview.

Now if you remember episode 11, then congratulations, you are not a goldfish! The Chinese High Eunuchs got deposed by an ominous looking popular uprising, leaving Britannia to withdraw, meaning Zero got away again!

Now depending on who you are, you may be able to account the other events? Fanboys will fondly remember C.C in a state of undress and Kallen in a state of duress. Lolikons in particular will recall that there were no takers for a political marriage for Tian Zi, so the Loli-princess is written out the story. Yaoi-fans will have noted that all of Suzaku, Lelouch and Gino (+ Anya) are now enrolled in Ashford Academy. But if you remember Sayako’s cross dressing as the best part of the last episode, you are the pervert-King/Queen!!!

Why? I ask you to recall Lulu-ko; It is wrong in so many ways.

So, with Knights of the Round prowling through Ashford Academy, Lelouch needs to careful manage his double and yet maintain concealing his secret base. Suzaku probably still suspects Lelouch is the reborn Zero but won’t know of Rolo’s treachery. Since the knights are busy playing high-school-romance, Lelouch has the ball in his court, but he has to figure out how to rescue Kallen who is bait for a trap. This won’t be resolved easily nor by next episode.

Next week’s episode is provocatively entitled, Rabu Attaku! And with 2 lelouchs running around and silly hats abound, delivery of an high school comedy fanservice is guaranteed – all within 25 minutes or your money back (Pizza Hut delivery co.)!

~ Teeif

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Kurenai 12 – I am disappointed (END)

Kurenai 12 - lol, wutKurenai 12 - Crash

Kurenai 12th night
I am.

Oh THAT was fun, I leave my computer for one moment only to find it has restarted itself, taking my Photoshop and my post into the netherworld of lost 1s and 0s. So much for multitasking!

I could write another analysis into how unbelievable and crap the conclusion the was, but actually I don’t care anymore. It’s safe to assume it would be along the lines of negative parts from Martin, Hanners, Ashlynne and Pixelmatsch. Except I wasn’t even going to bother complaining about the fi-sik-s. Or the fact that no one decided to bring a gun. Or Benika’s guts of steel (She didn’t even bleed). Or the inconsistency in the Kuhouin hegemony.

There were basically 2 problems hidden inside the luscious art and well paced action sequences, the unlikely win and the even more unlikely result.

I must’ve blinked and missed the Megaelixir throw, it must’ve happened just before Yayaoi and Shinkurou syncronise kung fu-ed their respective opponents, what better way to explain their miraculous comeback? Okay, Hōzuki-ryu is the best fighting style on the planet, so use it to start off with!

Then there is the end. If it was a race, it’d be like the winners decided to go home without the trophy. As if on the finishing line, the leaders just turned around and made a deal with the second place runner. If the film 300 ended this way, we’d see Leonidas persuade King Xerox that invading Greece was a bad idea after all and if he goes home now, he can pretend Greece wasn’t worth it and hence ‘win’. Not only that, Leonidas would trust King Xerox to quietly go home when he turns his back.

What we’ve just witnessed was the win-win scenario to conflict resolution, a harmonious, vernacular and somewhat unfulfilling end. Nethertheless, it does make logical sense to me, afterall Murasaki herself needs convincing to challenge her captives, just as Renjou needed persuasion to grow a spine. It just seems to be lacklustre and melodramatic against the high standards set in previous episodes. Maybe I’m just upset that no one gets to be the lolikon at the end?

Kurinai fin.

~ Teeif

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4 Koma – Oh Lord! Let my loli go!

Megame poster - kuhouin_murasaki kurenai kurenai_shinkurou
Oh Shinkurou! You fail as a Loli-Kon, you do.

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